You Can Find Car Auctions & Car Events

As the wife of a car buff we spend a lot of time attending car events. Going to these events is a great past time but we found that a lot of the events are missed or forgotten. And lets be honest, there is no way to know if the event is good or bad. Car Socials is a quick and easy way to post and find car events that interest you. We thought it would be an added feature to allow you share your past car show experiences in the form of a blog or review for other to read about. Also you can add a rating to the car event that you attend.

Why Choose Car Socials?

Because it’s about a community of car enthusiasts that have been brought together as a result of their love for cars and accessibility to attend events around the country.

Car Socials Provides a Platform for all car events. Whether it be Racing, Rallies, Auctions or Meet ups, Car Socials Covers them all. You can see events in your Local area or in other cities or states by entering in the zip code and clicking on a date on the calendar. We aim to be the premier site for all your car related events. With our rating system it allows others to  score car events, giving people the opportunity to share  their opinion and to allow the events to grow and improve by comments.