Most of us just pay our yearly registration and don’t think about it till the next year when maybe we need a smog certificate.

About 9.3 million personalized plates are on the roads in America. About 1 in 10 belong to people from Virginia, while Texas has the fewest personalized plates. Living in California you see a lot of personalized plates, but the big thing out here are the black plates.

In places like Dubai, license plates aren’t just for customizing; they are to show a certain level of wealth. The number of digits on a license plate in Dubai determines how expensive it is. So you have people who have spent over a million dollars on a Bugatti and then go and spend another million on a license plate. For example a license plate that read 5635 would be almost half a million. In Qatar you can purchase the plate 3XX for 9.6 million. That’s when money really isn’t a thing.

Other countries like the United Kingdom and the United States covet license plates with a single letter followed by a number. Someone dropped $9 million for the rights to number “ 5.” Personalized registration plate demand boomed in Britain in 2017. 374,968 private personalized plates were sold and registered in the UK over the course of last year.

In April of 2018 the most expensive license plate was listed for sale for only $20 million, just a drop in the bucket for some.

 Spending big bucks on license plates is common practice among the 1% where these rich people believe a beautiful car, isn’t complete without a license    plate to match. They even hold auctions to sell the top plates. In 2008 the number “6” sold for $675,000.00 in Delaware and in 2016 the two digit number “14” sold for $325,000.00. In Delaware the lowest single-digit plate numbers are reserved for elected government officials.

The most expensive plate sold in the world was in the United Arab Emirates for $14.3 million in February 2008. It was the number “1”. The most expensive plate sold in Texas, “12THMAN” sold for $115,000.00, September 2013. With money like this being thrown around, it puts new meaning to the definition of balling.


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